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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cross stitch up-date and a finish !!!

Happy Dance  - the giraffe is finished. It will take a while before I can frame it, as it will need a special frame because of the size - but never mind. I really enjoyed stitching the giraffe.

Here is my progress from NH afghan from last week. Not a lot done, it doesn't show anyway. The flowers contain so many different colours - it's unbelievable.
And here is the new project which will go into the rotation instead of the giraffe. It's my wedding picture - the one where I had all the problems earlier when I had it charted by DMC and they did it in black and white. However, thumbs up to DMC - they've changed for me to full colour without problems. So here we go. This is proper confetti stitching, the first time actually that I'm doing proper confetti like this.


Mylene said...

Happy dancing here for you! That looks stunning. Congrats on finishing it.

Anonymous said...
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mbroider said...

Congratulations on a finish!! I adore the NH afghan...

Maureen said...

Congrats on the finish - it looks fantastic. looking forward to seeing your wedding photo come to life.

Marina said...

Hallo Peggy, Glückwunsch zur Giraffe. Und die NH hast du ja auch begonnen. Meine liegt in der Ecke, aber seit heute, 22.04.10, bin ich ja in Vorruhestand, jetzt werden die Ärmel hochgekrempelt und alles so nach und nach abgearbeitet.
Liebe Grüße


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