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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Simple Sock Pattern

My tried and tested method of sock knitting - has never failed me and is not as difficult as it may first appear. In fact, I am no good at knitting jumpers etc, always get the sizing wrong, but this one for some strange reason is no problem at all.

The pattern came in a 'sock knitting kit' I bought ages ago, and unfortunately there is no company name etc on it to give the creator of this pattern the credit. it is not my pattern I shall add, I have only copied it. Mainly I have copied it here so I'll find it again should the original ever get lost! 

Simple Sock Pattern

(to fit medium adult)


K                     knit
P                      purl
St(s)                stitch(es)
P2tog              purl 2 sts together
Ssk2tog           slip next 2 sts knitways, put point of needle into front of both these                sts and knit them together
DPN                double-pointed needles

You will need:
1 x 100g ball of Trekking or Opal 4ply sock yarn and a set of 2.5mm Double Pointed Needles, stitch markers and a needle to sew in the ends.

36st and 48 rows to 10cm using 2.5mm needles.

Place your stitch markers on your needles when required in the pattern and pass them from left needle to right needle as you reach them.

Sock Ribbing:
Cast on 60sts (loosely). Divide these sts evenly over 3 DPNs.
Check carefully that sts are not twisted. Bringing your 4th DPN into play, join into a round and mark start of round, working in a k2, p2 rib pattern for 16 rounds (the first few rounds are always fiddly, however after a few it does get easier!).

Rounds 17 – 73: knit (by knitting every round you will make stocking stitch).

Heel Flap:
Knit 15 sts, turn.
Row 1: slip first st, p 29 sts, turn.
Move rest of sts to spare needles.
Row 2: slip first st, k 29 sts, turn.
You will now be working back and forth on these 30sts and repeating row 1 & 2 a further 14 times (you will have worked 30 rows in all).

To Shape the Heel:
Row 1: slip first st, p 16 sts, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row 2: slip first st, k5, Ssk2tog, k1, turn.
Row 3: slip first st, p6, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row 4: slip first st, k7, Ssk2tog, k1, turn.

Continue in the same way by taking in one more st every row until all the sts from the heel are included. You will now have 18 sts on this needle.

Pick up 15 sts knitwise down the heel flat, place a marker. Knit 30 sts from cuff, place a marker, pick up 15 sts knitwise fom other side of heel flap. Arrange these 78 sts evenly over your needles. (At this pint you may find it easier to have sts on 4 needles and bring a 5th needle into play).

Gusset Shaping:
Round 1: k to within 3 sts of first maker. K2tog, k1, k to next marker, k1, Ssk2tog, k to end of round.
Round 2: k
Repeat round 1 & 2 decreasing until you have 60 sts left on your needles ending with a round 2.

Knit 48 rounds (or desired length, take out or add in rounds depending on length of foot).

Toe Shaping:
Round 1: knit to 3 sts before first marker k2tog, k1 (slip marker), k1, Ss2tog, knit to 3 sts before next marker, k2tog, k1 (slip marker), k1, Ssk2tog, k to end.
Round 2: k
Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until 24 sts are left ending on round 2. Knit to first marker
The knitting part of Sock 1 is now complete. All that remains is to arrange the toe sts so that they can be grafted together.
Grafting is a wonderful way of invisibly joining knitted sts.
You need to arrange the remaining sts onto 2 needles so that they first 6 and the last 6 sts of a round are on one needle, and the mid 12 sts are on a second needle.

Cut yarn leaving a 20cm length to work your grafting.
Thread your length through a needle. Hold the 2 DPNs together parallel with the thread hanging from the back sts at the right.
Put needle purlwise into first st pn front needle and pull yarn through.
Put needle knitwise into first st on back needle and pull yarn through.

*Put needle knitwise into 1st st on front needle and slip st off knitting needle.
Put needle purlwise into next st on front needle and pull yarn through.
Put needle purlwise into first st on back needle and slip st off knitting needle.
Put needle knitwise into next st on back needle and pull yarn through. *

Repeat from * to * until all sts have been grafted.
Secure the only 2 ends you have neatly to the inside of your sock.
All that’s left now is to knit your second sock!

This is a successful tried and tested method!


©2009 The Pegster | by TNB