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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Why are weekends always so short? Was really busy today. In the morning, went with Nafees to East Ham for shopping. Than, coming back around lunch time, we went straight to Dartford fair. I was looking forward to see 'Stavros Flatley', those hilariously funny dancers from Britain's got Talent. I thought were were really funny, and we need something to laught don't we? Anyway, I didn't feel to well after eating some doghnuts, and generally I 'can't' do big crowds, so I had to leave before Stavros Flatley came on the stage. Oh well, but Dan saw them.

Than, coming back, I went straight to Jo's for our weekly cross stitch session. Had to help her with a lot of frogging on her huge Chinese Lady picture. And after that I went out with Bonnie, as mostly on Sundays we went to Beacon Wood. I looked out for fungi, as mum keeps telling me there are plenty in Germany, but nothing here... I just don't know the right places!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Only a little over 3 weeks now and we go to Germany. Vorfreude schoenste Freude - that's what they say in German. Well, it refers to Christmas time and means anticipation is the best joy or something like that, it's just nice sooo much looking forward to something. I read on a German TV channel website today there is big trouble with the 'S-Bahn' in Berlin. S-Bahn is a train-link-network in Berlin, very fast and reliable trains (bit like an overground tube). Apparently, due to some technical problems, most of the lines are now shut and only a few are running on emergency timetable - and this is likely to go on for many weeks. Well, of course, we will need the S-Bahn when we arrive in Schoenefeld to go into Berlin - and than from there take the train to my parents place.

I've written to the housing asociation to see if I need permission for the satellite dish, hopefully it won't take them long to reply. And than Nafees is treating me to German TV. I can't believe it - after 16 years in the UK, I'm going to get German TV.

Today we've done a proper 'shopping addict' thingy and went to the NEXT sale. Everything half price - and there, we were lured to the shop. I could understand Nafees, as he needs new suits for this new job (which I loves btw), and I came out with 2 new bags, 1jeans, 2 tops, 1 mac. Felt really stupid running around Bluewater with my 150 (or more) NEXT SALE bags.

Jo is inspiring me to pick up my cross stitch again and keep to the rotation (to some degree anyway). As we now are not any more allowed to work flexi time at work, I try to take 1 hour lunch, and have a small kit with me for cross stitching. It is actually really relaxing, just taking your mind off work for an our or so.

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