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Thursday, 28 February 2008

I admit - I haven't been a very good blogger! Life just seems to get in a way... and unfortunately I cannot update the blog at work:-)). I mainly would like to concentrate here on my cross-stitch, I think I just show my updates and try to update more often. As I have to finish the Poodle for Rachel's birthday, I'm working on it 5 days a week, and do my usual rotation only over the weekends.
Sorry about the bad picture quality - not much to see, only a large blob of white - that is the top of page 1 of the poodle. I tried several settings with the camera, this was about the best I could do - sorry, I'm no expert on this. And yes, that really is all just white crosses....
I finished the 2 trees quite a while ago, and now finally framed - they are hanging in my hallway. I think the frames really set the pictures off. The design is from Gerda Bengtson, my alltime fav. designer (Danish)
Another Fremme design - my part in the round robin for Anita. I did the flower on the left. Fremme thread is such a pleasure to stitch.
I worked on Spring queen last weekend. Nearing the end - I can't believe it. Then there's only the small matter of beading.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Here is my progress on the flower for Anita(I stitched the one on the left). Should hopefully finish it in two weeks time. For the weekend, I kept to my rotation of the Monet picture, and had a least a little bit of progress.

My order from sewandso arrived.Most of it was for the birthday exchange, but it is still so much fun getting a parcel with stitching goodies! And the chart for Rachel's poodle arrived. It's not a picture converstion (I;m planning this for her as well), but an ordinary chart of a pedigree dog. went out to get the fabric (18ct Aida) which is quite a tiny count. Why is it that whatever fabric I need for a project is not amongst my big big stash.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Today was the first day I worked in my new working hours pattern. I now finish at 2pm so I can pick Ruby up from school, and one day a week I will have to work 12 hours to get my weekly hours in. I'm so glad that my line manager has given me enourmous support when I needed it.

Today, 'Anita's round robin arrived with me. It's a round robin I stitch with friends from my German Yahoo list. It's going to be a flower meadow, made up of Fremme flowers (Gerda Bengtsson design). As I want to finish this first, I have altered my rotation, and will stitch this round robin this week - see how it goes and maybe do my usual rotation for the weekend only (this would by Monet this week). And then I also want to start a poodle picture for Rachel. Again, she has helped me so much in the last few weeks - by just beeing there for me - that I would like to do a surprise for her birthday. And then there is the wedding Sampler for my co-worker Sara who is getting married in June. It seemed like..ages away, and now it is only 4 months - 16 weeks eek!

this is the round robin as I received it today

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Finally, I can show an update on the NH afghan. Actually *drum rolls* its the 1st square done! I quite enjoy working on it - it's so different from my usual pictures. it's a bit strange having all that fabric to work with - but I know the end result will be stunning.

Thomas finally went to the vet this week to have his snip-snip. It all went well, but I can't help but think that he has changed a bit. He used to be a very affectionate cat, he'd literally lick your face off if you'd let him, and was following me all around the house. Well, he seemed more distant it seems. Maybe just some 'afterpains' from the op...

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