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Sunday, 11 April 2010

First Flying Lesson

Dan had his very first flying lessing at Stapelford Flight Centre. 30mins cost £100 but it was worth every penny according to Dan (Best thing he ever did in his life! according to Dan). I felt like joining, it looked that much fun and exciting!

The plane was a Cessna 152 (2 seater), and even though it was his first lesson, the instruction put him straight away into the pilot's seat. At some point, the instructor (who btw was great, as Dan was clearly a bit nervous) said to him: 'OK, now you slowly push this button in, and pull  this  up - and you known what is going to happen? Dan said 'No' and he says: 'well, you are taking off now all by yourself' and off he took! Once in the air, apparently it is not that difficult. The instructor told him how to turn right, left, and go straight on and than said: 'ok, you are the pilot, now go where you want' and that's when he said the tension in him fell and he really started to enjoy it big time. To land the Cessna was down to the instructor though, as this is apparently 'the most difficult bit' LOL.

And now he can't wait to do it again, so so much want to be a pilot. I hope his dreams are not coming crashing down (excuse the pun) before he even took off.... The only way in is either private pilot training (costing at least 80 - 100K) which might be an option if we win the lottery LOL. Otherwise he could try RAF and go through their selection process. Well, wait and see, for the time being one young man is on cloud nine.



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