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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Clematis update and new start Egyptian

Ok, I have to admit again that I haven't been a very good blogger. Since going back to work.... yep, there never seems to be enough time at the end of the day to go on the laptop. To be fair on me, we did have an awful connection, and I was hardly able to get wifi connection here upstairs in 'my' room. the connctions is forever breaking up, this is soooo annoying.

Anyway, this is the Clematis update from 2 weeks ago. I actually do start enjoying this piece.

And .... here is the new start:

It will be an a big Egyptian design which I'm stitching as a SAL with my friend Jo. Ever since we went to the Egyptian Museum in Berlin I am really fascinated by all stuff Egyptian, Jo has been for many years.The design is by Anchor and was published in British Cross Stitch Collection Magazine February 2007. We are stitching on 16 ct. Rustico Aida which I think sets it off beautifully. 16ct is one of my favourite counts anyway. The face is stitched with quite a lot of Anchor Marlitt thread (shiny thread) which is not too bad to stitch with actually. I expected it to be very slippery, but it is not half as bad as some metallic threads.  This is how the design will look like when finished:


Leigh Russell said...

I couldn't see how it will look when it's finished, but I love the clematis. It's so delicate.

The Pegster said...

Thanks Leigh. Oh u know what, I haven't added the picture yet as to how it will look when finished - will do at the weekend.

EvalinaMaria said...

Clematis are lovely and the Egyptian design... well... I MUST HAVE IT!!! I spent half a day today searching ebay and what else for that magazine, but couldn't find it...


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