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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Back from our annual holiday in Germany today. While I enjoyed the 'time off' from work, it wasn't all nice as first I managed to tear a muscle in my left calf (1 day before the holiday, just by walking in the garden)and then my son Dan got seriously ill. He was admitted to hospital with neurological problems, he had an MRI scan and EEG's. He is much better now, but it still needs further investigation.

I will change the format of this blog a little bit as I don't want to focus purely on my cross stitch, maybe change the title and will try to write more often. For today, I'm just dog-tired and nothing more. brain empty! The plane journey was sort of ok, but as I am a very polite person I hate pushing myself in the front for the best seats (we are talking Easyjet - I quite like flying with them, they have enabled me to see my family more often then I could otherwise afford, but as you all might now, they don't allocate seats so it's everyone fights for their own. ) Anyway, yes, I'm too polite to push myself in the front and ended up almost last on to the plane with my 3 children. we all had to sit seperately, all the kids and me had places in between other people and I kept having to shout down the plane 'Dan , everything ok?' 'Ruby, do you want a drink' etc. Then arriving in Luton and the trains were all messed up. We had to get out in Kings Cross and take the Underground for part of the journey - what a nightmare up the stairs, down the stairs with 1000 people pushing about. I got well stressed.

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