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Thursday, 29 March 2007

The first of the 4 plates of the Pixel Art Giraffe is done! Couldn't stop myself. Dan said now he can at least recognise it is going to be a giraffe. It's definitely fun.

Yesterday I finally got my DMC Stitch-a-Photo through the post. It took almost 3 months, but as I'm not in a hurry to do it, that wasn't a problem. I am a bit surprised though that my colourful wedding picture is charted using only 9 colours. Some big blocks of colour and some confetti. Hmm.., I guess I just have to have a go and see how it turns out. Everytime I read about people having pictures converted, they talked about the masses of different colours! I'm not gonna start it for a while though, want to finish some stuff first, I really try...

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Today an update on the kittens. Candy's 5 kittens were born 11 March, Honeys 4 kittens on 18 March. All have now their eyes open. They don't leave their baskets yet, but I thought I show those two off (both Candy's)

And here is Pool-playing Honey. It seems that everyone is enjoying Danial's Birthday present. Danial and Nafees play almost every night, so this was definitely a success.

Too tired today from work, no studying. working on Spring Queen for 1/2 hour in the morning before I leave the house, will show progress on Sunday. This pixel-art is seriously addictive, and I almost finished one of the 4 plates for the Giraffe.

Monday, 26 March 2007

I had to be strict with myself and got down to studying as soon as I came back from work, especially as I did not open a book over the weekend. Biological causes of crime. Sounds interesting, but is a lot of theories and research papers to go through !
This new Pixel Art kit is seriously addictive! I couldn't wait to get back on it after seriously cutting back on my night time sleep last night on this one. While it would never replace cross stitch (just the thought of it!), it is certainly something to do 'in between'.
This is how it looks like, all spread out on the table:
the first pixels added and how it looked today afternoon. Will keep you updated.

New week today, new rotation piece. This is how far I got on my last week's rotation - the table runner. Gosh, I hate the longstitch. However hard I try, I think it just always looks untidy. Is ok when looking from far away, but a close up, well, umh, just looks like it's been pulled about. I use a frame and everything, and maybe it's just me, but it just hasn't got the neatness of cross stitch. Only three more flowers to go, I guess I can get it done next rotation in three weeks (if I get to stitch in that week)

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Back From Olympia

Back from Olympia, and like always, full of ideas and inspirations. Just wanna stitch, stitch, stitch... Here is the stash I got:

Then a few bits and pieces, 30 Anchor colours, scissors, magnets and a magnetic board, a 'Bang on the Door' kit for Ruby - which she is trying to start now as I type. It is a bit ambicious, a 8 year old and stitching on 16 count. I could probably change it to 14 ct, but she is determined to do it as it is in the packet!
The giraffe kit is a new kind of art - pixel art. A bit like Hama Beads, more sophisticated. You get those plastic plates, and have to put the relevant colour on, having a template with the colour code underneath. does this make sense? No? Well, I'm quite eager to try. I got O Christmas tree with material pack, but the pack only came with Aida. Now I don't mind Aida, but really, on the L&L it should be Evenweave / Linen, don't you think? So I had to get another piece of 32ct Evenweave
The Anchor kit 'People who don't like cats...' is just sooo cute. Yeah, normally I'm not into cute, but this just perfect for my front entrance. It looked much better stitched on the wall than the small picture can give it justice, I only saw it after another lady pointed it out to someone.
It was definitely less exhibitors than last year, I missed Victoria's needle for example where I get my L&L and Mirabilia. I guess I will make a date in my diary for Alexander Palace in October - normally I only go to Olympia - basically can't afford to go to two shows a year....
Weekend over already, back to work tomorrow. I should have taken a day off tomorrow, as all I want to do is work on the new stuff, will start on the Giraffe now, I will try to get some peace upstairs. Feel a bit guilty as I did not even do one bit of OU over the weekend, will have to do a lot of reading in the train tomorrow, and will have to sit in the evening to write up.

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