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Monday, 10 March 2008

Well, I said I'd try to be a better blogger *sigh*. I had last week off - had to use my left-over annual leave before April. We thought we gonna get our dog, but it hasn't happened yet. Rather than getting a puppy, we'll wait for a rescue poodle to come along (which Rachel is going to keep her eyes out for me) - I tought that is the best solution for the time being.

Had a lot of trouble in the house with plumbing - leaking taps and sink. I called the chaps from Britisch Gas (have an insurance with them), and they don't do taps and sinks. So... I had to call a plumber from the Yellow Pages - and the sad thing is that I knew what is going to happen, and it happened of course - I got badly ripped off. He came, took everything apart, put it together again and told me he can't fix it - it must be a faulty tap or whatever.... Now I still have a badly leaking tap and sink, and payed £100 for the pleasure!

Here is my update on the poodle. Page 1 is ready, only 5 more to go. I have to admit defeat, I don't think it will be ready for Rachel's birthday begining of April, I'm just not quick enough, there is a lot of confetti stitches, and unfortunately there is the small matter of me having to work all day, so stitching is limited to abt. 2 hours every evening.

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