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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Coming out of the 'Summer Hole' ;-))

Right, here I am again. Back from summer holidays (2 weeks in August spend with my parents in Germany), and got my stitching mojo back! I didn't really do a lot of stitching over the summer, apart from a small card (which I will have to take a photo off). But now, as the nights are drawing in, more rain etc, I def. feel like stitching again. So, here is my work from the last 2 weeks:

NH Afghan.

Wedding Picture - confetti, confetti, confetti!
Apart from this, I have been soo busy as usual with work... it's not just the work itself, but with the commuting etc, it just takes too much time out of my day ;-((( but I suppose I should be glad to have a job of course, otherwise it would be so much worse for us. During the week, once I get home, cook, clean, homework with children, dog walking etc - there isn't a lot of time left and I feel to tired for stitching. But I savour every 15 mins I can squeeze in, and I enjoy the actual stitching process as much as the finished result.
I have also made the decision to get fit and try to lose weight (again!). So, I'm back to Weight Watchers. I had very good results with them before as their way of counting points, weekly weigh-ins etc suits me. I've started on 01. September weighing 12 Stone 1 Pound (approx. 77kg). So far I've lost 8 lbs and I am now 11.7 which is great, I can feel the difference already. My ultimate goal is around 9 stone which would give me a healty BMI, but I want to take it really slowly, so if I could reach this by next year this time I'm happy. I also started to go to the gym again which I quite enjoy actually. I now go 3 times a week, and work only on the cardio-vascular machines, at the moment only about 30 mins, but hoping to 'up' to 45 mins next months.
Another 'thing' I'm doing at the moment (and which seems to take quite a lot of stitching time out of me) is learning Russian! My workplace offered us a training package with Rosetta Stone in a selection of languages and I chose Russian as I've learned Russian in primary school and I thought it might be coming back to me easily. I do find it quite a challenge at the moment, and there is a lot to do, I literally need to spend about 1 hour a day on it to keep up with the time schedule...
Right, so far in a nutshell, back to work now!
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