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Monday, 2 August 2010

Weekly cross stitch update

Ok, the picture is not very nice... I've just taken the fabric out of the frame and don't want to iron it, as it will only go in the bag for the next 4 weeks for the next rotation.
This week, I've done almost all of the left side - the white flower and the smaller buds. The real impact of this picture though will come with the backstitch - and there is a lot of it which will take almost as long as the cross stitch I recogn - every stem, leave, bud etc has backstitch around it!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

East London Mela in Barking

Family Day out to the East London Mela today in Barking Park.

We set off about 1pm, and it really wasn't difficult to find thanks to Sat Nav, and the journey only took us about 20 mins from home. I was a bit worried about fnding a parking space, but the organisers had set a huge field away for parking, and it was easy peasy. £5 entry had to be paid, and our bags were searched for glass bottles and alcohol. There was a big fun fair, with all the usual rides, and than stalls selling mainly food, a few with clothes and jewellery, and a few stalls from charities etc. At the end of the field was a big stage and quite a few people had already gathered in front of the stage. There were 2 more stages were Asian music was being played by a DJ. I dont' know that much about Asian music, so the stars weren't familiar to me, but the atmosphere was wonderful, everyone seemed to be happy, dancing, singing, eating.

For food, we first had chana (chick peas), than later a chicken tikka wrap and chicken curry for me. Well, it wasn't the best I've ever eaten, bbut hey... Ruby also fell in love with the Asian icecream 'Kulfi', I like that stuff as well. I wanted to take another icecream 'Faluda' when we left, but by then they had sold out which was pretty disappointing. Ruby and me also got Mendi (Henna tattoo) done on our hands which I like, and will be able to show off at work tomorrow.


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