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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Back from Holidays

Where have the 2 1/2 weeks holiday gone... We left Dartford on 06.08. and returned on 23.08. As usual, we went to Germany to spend some time with my parents. They live in a small village which is basically between Berlin and the Polish border. Flat country, lots of forests, lakes. My parent's house is much bigger (and nicer ) than mine, a huge garden, an old staple (which my dad uses as a garage and shed/workhouse. We would normally go for a long walk in the forest, sometimes go mushroom-picking which is a big past-time over there. Once, we went on a trip to Poland, there are big markets near the border and the boys loved it. I enjoyed the food. Now Dartford got me back! I feel refreshed and feel inspired to do some home improvements. Started yesterday by getting a new toilet seat hee hee! And I finally sorted out the garden today - well , at least I did the weeding and mowed the lawn.


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