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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Uni or what

It's decision time for Dan - where does he want to go? We went to see City University a few weeks ago, looking at the

Engineering Department. We have sort of coached him into the direction of 'Aeronautica Engineering' and listening to the lecturers etc, yes, he thinks this is what he wants to do. (and specialise in Space technology). I've did quite a lot of research (Isn't Google wonderful!), and it looks like Aeronautical Engineers won't have problems finding jobs, as not many people chose to study this difficult subject, and good qualified personnel is hard to find. So, Nafees and me think this might be a good career for him.

Now the next decision.... currently, he hasn't got good enough 'A' Level grades to try for the best Uni's. Yes, with the grades he's got (C's) he can get into the not so good Uni's - the one's which are further down the ranking. But who is to say that Uni Ranking is the only important thing!! But then I know that it does count when applying for jobs where you got your degree from - unfortunately employers are biased. Yesterday, we went to see Southampton University, which is one of the top ones, and they require 'straight A's'. Not a chance at the moment. He is actually contemplating to repeat this year, and he seems to think this will give him A's.

The other thing is... there is us trying to visit all those Uni Open Days. Gosh, that is exhausting in itself. 2 hours drive to Southampton yesterday, and 3 hours back (due to M25 traffic), petrol money. The other Uni's which are potentials are much further away i.e. Wales, Liverpool, Sheffield. I guess I'm going to be busy in the next few weeks, as we have to fill in the application for Uni from September onwards, and deadline January. So, watch this space.

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