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Friday, 29 June 2007

Stephen Leather ' The Bombmaker '

Andrea Hayes is a wife and mother of young Katie, but she has a past which her husband does not know about - she used to be an IRA bombmaker. But that's not all, she was really working for the government, trying to sabotage the IRA's work. Now the past has come back to hound her. Her young daughter gets abducted, and no, it's not money they want. Andrea is forced to build a huge bomb. Not to put the life of her daughter at risk, she has to do what they ask her, but knowns that they probably want let her live anyway. It is a face paced book, and I read it really quickly, it never gets boring. Despite the background, it does not make political statements but promises a good read. When it is revealed in the book who her abducters are and why they want to build the bomb, I first found it a bit unbelievable, but on second thought - bombs being set off for a lot less 'reason' that that!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Here's Dan, making bread! He's had cooking lessons in school today, and he liked it so much, he came home and made some more bread. Now I'm not a domestic goddess I have to admit, indeed, I never made bread in my life! and there is my 13 year old, baking bread. I'm still waiting for those terrible teenage hormones to get through, but Dan has been a real pleasure of lately.

And here's an update on the Glasgow rose cat from last week. I got too bored with only black, so I started to add a bit of the border. Anyway, only the tail to go.d

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Stephen King ' Gerald's Game '

Ever now and again I treat myself to my favourite author, and this one didn't disappoint, it shows his skill as an excellent story-writer; again, he sucked me into the book.
The story in a nutshell is: Jessie and her husband Gerald drive to the couple's lakeside holiday cabin, miles from any sort of civilisation (can't happen in the UK ha ha). They went there to enjoy a bit of bondage, and while Jessie is handcuffed to the bed, her husband dies. She is alone, chained, and no-one to help. This is the story, but just wait what SK makes out of it. There are the grisly bits (the dog, the drinking glass), but worse then anything else are the monster's in Jessie's mind - or is it only her mind? I did get a bit annoyed with those voices in her head at times, but in retrospect, they are vital for the story. And --- spoiler --- the book has one of the best psychological discriptions on child-abuse I ever come across. He really made me see how the victim can feel guilty and ashamed, and how the whole thing lies dormant , but obv. never goes away. Anyway, this is only a story within the story, there is plenty else. a pageturner.

An update on the cat picture - from about 2 weeks ago. Only black is a bit boring. I have been 'on call' this week, but it wasn't too busy. Submitted TMA04 on Wednesday - another one bites the dust. next tma is due on 11 July, but it looks like there is not too much reading to it. The next book is based on 'theories of criminal justice' , quite similar to the previous theory book. One of the TMA questions is on Restorative Justice, and I think I quite like the concept and will probably go with this one.
Finally got myself a good pair of goggles today (goggles as in - swimming), it really does make a big difference. Can see and swim under water now - yeah! Apart from that, we'll have to get Imran's bag ready, he is going on his big trip to Wales next week.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Harper Lee ' To Kill a Mockingbird '

This is a classic book which I've never read - until now. I know nowadays it is a 'must read' GCSE School book, which I think might put students off - you know how it is, anything you 'HAVE' to read for school and analyse every chapter, it will kill this wonderful story.We certainly did not have to read this for school, well, growing up in East Germany might have something to do with it LOL! And I don't think I would have had the maturity to understand the book aged 16.
The story is set in 1930's America's deep South Alabama and is told entirely from the viewpoint of Scout Finch, a 6 year old girl. She tells us about 3 summers in her life. She lives with her brother Jem, her father Atticus and their strong-minded black housekeeper Calpurina (my fav. character I have to admit). Atticus is a lawyer, and is called to defend a black man who is accused of rape. The story is lovingly and innocently told out of Scout's eyes. Atticus and the family face a lynch mob, and at the end of the trial, despite seemingly compelling evidence of the black man's innocence, he gets found guilty. Atticus' strong-willed attitude to stand up not just against racism but also for other disadvantaged and 'different' members of the society (the mentally ill Boo) makes me think that if we only had more Atticuses in our society!
All you students out there having to read it, try to forget its a school book, just enjoy the story unfold.

Friday, 8 June 2007

I've got this week off, it's great just having some time to myself. Spend a lot of time working on TMA04 (currently 1400 words and counting, I need 2000 words).

Well, all the kittens are gone now, and here is the last picture of the little 'Blackies'

A family responded to my ad in the local newsagent, and in a way I'm quite pleased they went to a local family (they just live 5 mins from us), they seemed really nice. And they took 2, even better that two of them can stay together. And that leaves us with Thomas, of course, who turns out to be very cuddly. he follows me during the day wherever I go... up to the computer, to the loo etc. And Candy and Honey finally had their operation on Monday, now both are neutered and definitely no more babies! I'm glad it's done and went smoothly. Both now have a big square patch missing by the side where their fur has been cut - they look more than bizarre! from the top: Honey (incl. missing fur patch), Thomas, Raja

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