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Monday, 21 December 2009

A cross stitching problem

I have a cross stitch dilemma! A few years ago I have asked DMC to chart one of my wedding pictures into cross stitch - see above. When the pack arrived, I just looked at it briefly, and remember thinking it was somewhat strange that they used only 9 colours for such a colourful picture - but I thought 'well, I'm sure they know what they are doing'.

Now, last weekend I took out the chart to be kitted up and start - and found that all the colours are whites/grays/blacks - so basically they have charted the picture in black/white. This is not at all what I have asked for, indeed I quite like my colourful wedding outfit and really wanted this to come out in the chart. They have also cropped the picture - and I think this improves it actually. I'm not sure whether the black/white was done by mistake, or maybe the picture can only be charted in black/white? I have no experience of this, and I'm  a bit dissappointed.

Question is, what to do now?
1. Have it re-charted by a different company?
2. Go back to DMC and ask them?
3. Or stitch it in black.white?

So, what do you think?

Poodle finish

h21.12.09. Right, here it is: the poodle is finished, after working on it for over a year on and off. It's for my friend Rachel who volunteeres for the poodle rescue

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