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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I finally got my laptop back - and my home insurance paid and arranged for the repair - gosh, I'm so relieved.

The day never seem to have enough hours... I started to pick up the wedding sampler again only last week. Unfortunately, I have to set priorities with the Open University at the moment. God, I hate the course this year, I wish it was over. I have so far submitted 3 assignments, 3 more to go. 1 is due mid June, and a big project is due mid July. I have to interview people for this and write it all up with conclusion etc, so I really want (have to) get a start on it.

I have been finishing quite a few books recently and will hopefully write a few reviews in the next few days/weeks.

Bonnie is absolutley fine. She had her immunisations, and she has managed to lose some weight, she is now 35 kg which is fine for a Labrador bitch. So I must be doing something right taking her out every day.

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