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Monday, 18 April 2011

Back from Karachi

and here is the blog I created only for the Karachi pictures:

I have not edited any of the pictures, no photoshop or anything done... for lack of time, as many people have asked for the pictures. So, there they are, an undiluted view - and I will be adding more throughout the day.

We had a crazy, wonderful, exhausting time in Karachi, were we (DH Nafees, DS Imran, DD Ruby and me) stayed from 01. April 2011 to 15. April 2011. So many relatives who wanted a piece of us LOL. The weather avaraged around 35C, but a very dry heat, so we didn't feel it that much. Though, on the last day, I got really sticky and hot, so we managed to escape just before it becomes the really hot season now.

OK, back to normal life now! Managed to do some cross stitch in Karachi and on the plane, and will post some updates on recent work later.



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