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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ruby's textile work and a view from the Thames

 First of all, I want to show this cushion cover which Ruby made in school (textile lessons). I think it's fab - I've never been able to sew so I admire her even more for it, and it's nice and colourful which I like. Oh, and I haven't done any embroidery for ages, just too busy at the moment with other things.
It was lovely weather today, so I took Bonnie down to the Thames for a walk.

It is a lot of fun to take pictures with the new camera, and carrying it is no problem whatsoever. I'm also now seriously trying to grips with Photoshop. I've bought one of those 'The Idiot's guide to...' books for Photoshop, but it is massive and very technical  - I found it too hard for a complete beginner like me. I mean, I'm usually quite good with the computer and with new programmes, but Photoshop is just so vast. There a quite a few online tutorials around thanks goodness, and this one is an excellent one for absulute beginners:

I'm slowly working my way through the lessons, and while I still get stuck sometimes, I think I finally get the hang of it. The pictures above are not edited with Photoshop, only in the Canon's ownZoomBrowser EX software, so only basic edits like cropping, levels and Tone Curve were done.



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