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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Updates on my work - cross stitch

I worked on this whilst in Pakistan and on the plane - in Pakistan whenever I could sneak a few minutes to myself LOL. It's one of the 'Tiddles' cartoon cat designs from Peter Underhill of Heritage. While I usually do not like any stitching to do with cartoon and/or cute, I like these - they make me smile. Not that easy to stitch though surprinsingly, as they have tons of thos 'squashed stitches' so typical in Heritage designs

Now I finally start to get a bit enthusiastic about the wedding picture. You can really see Nafees' face emerging!
Well, I'm going to be forever and a year on the backstitch for the Lilliput Lane, it just doesn't move. Need to put in the hours on this me thinks.


Mylene said...

Your Liliput lane is looking gorgeous!

The Pegster said...

Thanks so much Mylene.

Marina said...

Huhu, Peggy, na du stichelst ja fleißig ;-) Wie weit ist die NH? Meine schlummert schon wieder, ich muss erstmal kleinere Sachen machen zur Entspannung und zwischendurch bin ich auch wieder zum Stricken gekommen.
Liebe Grüße

Gillie said...

Love the photograph one, Peggy! Glad you had fun despite the heat. Quite dreadful weather here, think we had summer in April!


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