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Sunday, 16 May 2010

BookCrossing / Sara Payne 'A mother's story'

A biography / memoir. Ghostwritten, but very thoughtful, an insight into the immense pain and devastation felt by the family of tragic 8 year old Sarah Payne.

It is a very factual account, telling us firstly about the Payne family - ordinary and by no means perfect, but so much love for their children above everything else. Then the tragic events - Sarah's disappearene and murder - and the aftermath including the hunt to the killer and eventually the realisation that he was somone living close by and a well known offender. Trying to continue with life, the breakdown of their marriage...Sara Payne come across as a woman who managed to find extraordinary inner strengh after her daughters murder, which she channels to fight for Sarah's Law (a law which would allow people to have the right if a known paedophile lives in their area).


Well, this book is the first I will release in the 'wild' with book crossing ;-)) I did join Book Crossing quite some time ago, but never actually released any books. Space is just too limited, and I can't possibly keep all the books I'm reading, so I thought this is a good idea. I also like the idea of a 'world wide library' and to see where my books end up - if I ever get to see it. My favourite books I shall keep ;-))If not, never mind, I hope at least someone else will enjoy it. So, my books will be released on the train Dartford - London Bridge.



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