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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bluebells at Beacon Wood

Despite the promises of the weatherman for this weekend, and despite a promising start this morning, it wasn't a very sunny day, but at least better that freezing and raining - though there was a bit of drizzle in the afternoon.

I took Bonnie for a walk in Beacon Wood Country Park, looking for bluebells. I wasn't quite sure whether they are still in bloom, as somehow in my mind I thought they are blooming in April. Maybe because it was such a cold few weeks ... anyway, they are in full bloom, and the woods look purple everywhere - beautiful. And the wild strawberrys are coming as well - this year, I should hopefully remember and forage them!  


Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar discussion on this topic and you show something we haven't covered yet, appreciate that.

- Laura


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