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Thursday, 13 May 2010

So tired this week...

There is almost no point showing my work from last week, I think I must have stitched about 2 or 3 lenghts of thread on the wedding picture. I still find it hard to work on the 'full' confetti' stitching. But the main problem was that I was travelling this week to work by bus (didn't have enough cash for the so much more expensive train ticket....). The problem with the bus is that it takes me about 3 hours one way to commute (instead of 1.5 hours on the train. Otherwise, I quite like riding on London Buses, and I only have to take 2 buses actually to get from my place to Central London. But on both buses I ride on for over 1 hour, almost from start point to finish point for each of them. And the traffic is just diabolical. It was nice though to sit on the top deck of the bus and just let the world go by and let your thoughts ponder. I quite like enjoy this, lots of interesting characters to observe.. if it wasn't for the time it takes. By the time I got home I was just completely shattered, and went straight to bed. What I found surprising is that there were many travellers on the bus like me who literally went from the first to the last stop on both buses - so there are obviously people who do this every day. Today, finally, I got my train ticket again, and how nice was that to travel. Gosh, I enjoyed it! I would have never said before I enjoy travelling on the train. But sitting on the train for 40 mins instead of 2.5 hours on the bus was bliss, I couldn't believe how quick my journey finished LOL.


EvalinaMaria said...

I can't believe I'm complaining about my commute to work. It is a mere 45 minutes (one way) in a wilderness, with no traffic jams.

Mylene said...

Reading about your bus experience reminds me of my time in Hongkong when taking the bus instead of the metro(train). Always enjoy the view too with the bus.


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