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Monday, 1 March 2010

Cross Stitch up-date Lilliput Lane and car trouble

Voila - here is my progress on Lilliput Lane from last week. I can really see the house emerging now, and the chart is so easy to work from - it is fun to work on this piece. I don't like the 14ct Aida though, and should have changed to at least 16 ct. The top half of the chart is finished (pages 1+2), now page 3 and 4 to go, and a whole lot of backstitching, which I don't mind on this picture, as I think it will enhance it a lot.

I didn't write a lot last week.. somehow the days are just slipping by. On Wednesday, I tried to drive my car again for the first time since my OP. And the car didn't start.... I had battery trouble just before Christmas, so I knew it must be that. I hadn't moved the car for 4 weeks, and after all, the car is 8 years old. I've had it for nearly 5 years and never changed the battery. My friend Rachel came to jump-start me which we managed after about 10 mins of charging! Than we went straight to Halfords (car parts retailer) who also offer a service to fit the new battery. Done that... all went fine, apart from the fact that after fitting the new battery, the car did start, but didn't drive any more Aaaarrgggg! The guy from Halfords looked again and just said : 'Well. the battery is fine, there must be something else wrong with the car." So there I was, stuck in Halford's car park. Luckily,  Rachel was still with me and we than called the RAC. We had to wait for 2.5 hours! The RAC man than told us that, when fitting the battery, this 'messes' up the internal computer of the car - so that's what happened.. He managed to re-set it with his on-board computer unit (he told me sometimes they can't reset it and I would need to go to Vauxhall directly...). And when the car still didn't work, the RAC man looked further, and found that Halfords had also ripped an air pipe out whilst fitting the battery. Great! He fixed it within a few minutes, and I was finally able to drive away. Good service, Halfords (NOT!) Not only did they rip parts apart whilst fitting, but they should have told me that fitting the battery can result in the car's computer being messed up.


Mylene said...

Lilliput lane is looking great.
Sorry to hear about the car but glad it was fixed in the end.

Maureen said...

oh the delights of Halfords - not! Glad you got it all sorted though in the end.

mbroider said...

I came here from Mylene's blog (your blog was in her visiting list)

Liliput Lanes looks great. I have the Margaret Sherry cat in my stash. Hope to stitch her some day soon!!


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