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Monday, 22 February 2010

Cross Stitch up-date Clematis and review of kit


Here is my update from last weeks rotation which is a DMC kit 'Clematis'. The stitching somehow didn't 'flow' last week, but I think I might have finished about 1/4 of the chart. Than there is the backstitch, and there is going to be a lot of backstitch! However, on this piece, I think the backstitch is going to 'make' this piece. 

Now some points about the quality of the kit. Firstly, the linen and threads are excellent, and I especially like the way the threads are not only sorted, but the symbol + colour number is printed on the thread sorter. Brilliant, and makes stitching so much easier:

However, whoever designed the chart is not a cross stitcher! Some of the symbols are very similar in appearance, and the fat backstitch lines are on top of it on the chart - in many parts it is impossible to see which symbol is underneath that backstitch. So it's guessing... and I keep going back with another lenght of thread thinking  'oh yeah, I think there should be a little bit more of this or that colour there... I'm sure I've missed out another one there...etc etc. ' Well, I know there are some cross stitchers who like to change the charts according to their needs, but I am not one of them. I need a clear chart without ambiguity.

(I've got 2 more kits in the same series LOL)


Mylene said...

It is looking beautiful, sorry though about the chart, i did encounter some that are charted that way and i know how frustrating it is. Goodluck with it.

Meari said...

Sorry the chart isn't the greatest. It looks good, though.

Felicity said...

It's beautiful! I understand the 'not a cross stitcher' comment about the chart manufacture, though. I find that quite a bit with DMC patterns.


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