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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Update on Spring Queen. And it's nearly done!!! I've finished all the backstitching in 2 evenings, and than on to the beading. it was much easier that what I remembered and I made great progress - finished the hair, necklace and I'm on to the sleeves. What a great feeling to finally see this coming to an end. I would finish this in just a few days but I'm being strong and commit myself to the rotation, so Spring Queen was packed away Sunday evening until the next rotaton in 5 weeks - but than I'm gonna have a finish! And I think I'd rather save up to have it framed professionally. I had Summer Queen framed professionally at Hobbycraft. I'm not any more 100% happy with it. The frame and mount are georgeous, but the fabric is sort of hanging, it doesn't sit tight. The framer in Hobbycraft is not any longer in business, but there is a small LSN in towncenter where I will ask.


Kerstin said...

einfach nur schön. Immer wenn ich diese Bilder sehe, dann kribbelt es verdächtig in der "haben will -Abteilung " *smile*

viele Grüße
aus Diedersdorf
sendet Kerstin


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