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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Stephen King 'Rose Madder'

Another one from the King!
Again, , like in Dolores Clairbone, King tells about domestic violence in his typical page-turning fashion. I absolutely love the idea of the 'magic picture' (I do no want to spoil the story here) - gosh, where does this man takes his faboulous story ideas from!

Roused by a single drop of blood, Rosie Daniels wakes up to the chilling realisation that her husband Norman is going to kill her. And she takes flight. with his credit card. Alone in a strange city, Rosie begins to build a new life: she meets Bill Steiner and she finds an odd junk shop painting, 'Rose Madder', which strangely seems to want her as much as she wants it.
But it's hard for Rosie not to keep looking over her shoulder. Rose-maddenend and on the rampage, Norman is a corrupt cop with a dog's instinct for tracking people. And he's getting close. Rosie can feel how close he is getting. Fab Suspense!



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