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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Beacon Country Park

I took the maps out again, and looked on the Internet - and came up with another country park near to Dartford. I wonder why it never occurred to me before... So, on Sunday, I went with Bonnie to Beacon Country Park in Bean/Kent, which is a lovely small village outside of Dartford. The park is, in my opinion, the best one I've visited so far. I found it very easily (it was indeed signposted with one of those brown signs! - very helpful), and parking was straighforward. Near the car park, there were already plenty of dogwalkers, but Bonnie was well behaved. The woodlands are mainly birch, and quite dense. There are walkways, some with wooden boards, and I would probably feel a bit awkward to stroll into the denser wooded aeras. And there was indeed a sign in the car park 'Do not pick the mushrooms' LOL. I did let Bonnie off for quite some time. There were so many different paths to choose, and I was really surprised that at the end, I ended up indeed again at the car park where I started - I just sort of walked into the general direction of a loop.



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