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Monday, 9 March 2009

Why are the weekends always sooo short? My Saturdays are usually filled with doing the shopping here and there, cleaning the house, taking Ruby to swimming. Not much left for anything else. Last Saturday we went to Bluewater (big shopping centre near where we live) and bought Danial's birthday present). I have given him the choice of having a 'smaller' present and a large party, or a big present and just us as a family having a meal - latter option is what he went for and we bought him the desired X-box 360. I'm not into gaming whatsoever, and can't understand why he needs/wants an x-box when he already has a Playstation. Apparently two completeley different things. go figure... I'll never understand.

I didn't fancy going anywhere in the car on Sunday for our walk, so I took Bonnie down to the Thames. It is about a 20 mins walk for me to the River - but it is not a very pleasant walk. There is a path, but it is very lonely, no-body ever seems to walk there, and the bushes/undergrowth is very very dense, creaking. It freaks me out and I'm not easily scared. there are a few fields with horses in the middle, so that is a bit calming, but apart from that... I like it down by the river. It was on low tide. I was a bit scared Bonnie might decide to jump into the River - but she didn't. She isn't overly keen on water anyway, would just go to the edge and drink. There was also a lot of (manmade!!) mess, e.g. rubbish / flytipping everywhere, from plastic drink bottles (sooo many, everywhere) to 3 piece suites! Disgusting! I walked back home in a loop a different route, which is not much better, because there is a motocross-track and a shooting club - the noise! And cars were going up and down on the path, I felt like on a Motorway. As much as I like it down at the River, I don't think I'm going back soon there.



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