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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Andreas Franz 'Jung, blond, tot'

A thriller from the German Crime author Andreas Franz.

A serious of mysterious murders of young woman is stalking Frankfurt/Main. All the victims are blond. He rapes, kills and than arranges the victims in a strange ritual, he puts the blond hair of the victims into two plaids with red bows. Detective Durant tries to solve the mystery, and Franz lets us on a path of many suspects. I was kept guessing, but had the murderer figured out at the end (before it is revealed in the story), but maybe this is what Franz wanted to achieve. Nonetheless, a great read and pageturner. I will read him again. Just don't expect investigation as in 'real life' - I found quite a few mistakes which wouldn't happen in that way in 'real life policing'. It doesn't matter to the story though, it goes nicely with the story, this is what we expect of detective stories.



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