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Monday, 23 February 2009

Well, here is my cross stitch from last week. The rotation was 'Monet /Waterlilies'. As I dislike so much stitching on it, for some strange reason, I decided that I had to stitch birthday cards LOL! I'm determined though not to let the Waterlilies become an UFO, so whatever, it's going to be in my rotation for as long as it takes. This week I had to do lots of half cross stitches, and it was even more difficult to find my place on the chart / fabric. If anything, it taught me never to use pre-printed fabric again.
The flower basket card is for my friend/colleague Jo - it's her birthday on 28.02, and the heart is for my mum, her birthday is on 03.03. The kits are both freebies from magazines.



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