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Sunday, 22 February 2009

I have been discussing Jade Goody with my colleages at work - she is all over the media here in UK in the past week, and is going to be for some time to come I guess. For all of you who don't know her - Jade, a former dental nurse, appeared in 'Big Brother' here in the UK in 2003 I think. She became a household name, as she was so ditzy and aehm... stupid. ('Rio de Janeiro is a Footballer, innit? '), gobby and not 'afraid' to show off her rather large body and boobies. After BB, she was in the media quiete often, initially the unavoidable 'fitness video', but for some reason or another, she made a name of herself, her own parfume became successful, own TV show etc. Never a big superstar, but never out of the media as well, and her name is well known in UK media land.

Well, Jade had been diagnosed with cervical cancer last year August. It did touch me, as I have had treatment for abnormal cells after an abnormal smear test in 2000. I've heard somewhere (not sure if this is true) that Jade had an abnormal smear and ignored it. I've had the treatment, and go for smears now every year - I've always been ok since. So I felt compelled for follow her plight. She had a hysterectomy and chemo, and att the beginning of this year, the cancer had spread. 2 weeks ago it was in the news that she has been told the cancer is in her bowel, groin, liver and she has weeks to live. She is 27 and has 2 very young children.

She deliberately remains in the limelight, bold head and all. She is quite honest about the fact that she would like to make as much money out of her situation as she can for her children, and I sort of admire her for it. She is selling her wedding pictures for big money to the Celeb magazines. Some say she shouldn't exploid her illness. Yes, there are many people who have cancer and suffer in silence, don't have her money or opportunities, and as I know very well in my line of work, some die without family and with only the support of kind nurses. But this is the celebrity and media culture.... OK! wouldn't pay 1 penny for my wedding pictures, of course they wouldn't, but if they would offer, of course I would take it. In the same light ... why do get footballers and movie starts get paid obscene amounts of money for something which is at it's core only entertainment. Compare this to the money and status of people like nurses, firefighters, scientists etc, those are the people we should admire. But I have to admit honestly, if my son were to become a famous footballer, of course I would take the money that goes with it. Our celebrity culture....



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