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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Here is my weekly update on the wedding sampler. I think I've made quite good progress. If I get to stitch every day during the week than maybe another 10-12 days or so.
Had a busy day today, first Ruby went to violin lessons as every Tuesday. While she was there I went to the petshop to get Bonnie's monthly sack of dogfood, and a new lead for her and a little bag/pouch for going on walkies - kind of thing which goes around your waist. I like that sort of 'gadgets';-)) And then was Tutor/Parents Day for Danial and Imran.
Since finishing at 2pm every day now, I have realised that the trains are very empty at this time of the day obviously, and I can get some stitching done!! Jippi! (I don't like to stitch in the jam-packed commuter trains in the morning, even though I always have a seat). So, I now always take a little project with me to work. I've taken the Labrador out which I bought in Olympia in March. It's from PAKO designs and not too big. Will show an update next week - not much to see so far.


Miss 376 said...

This is looking beautiful, love the colour of the flowers

cross stitch peg said...

Thanks Miss376, it's nearing the end and I'm making good progress.

Robyn in Oz said...

Your wedding sampler looks good so far!


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