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Sunday, 22 June 2008

After working late on Friday (up to 6pm - usually I finish now 2pm), the weekend got off to a bit of a wet and cold-ish start on Saturday. I was thinking of Sara and her wedding, she was so praying for good weather... at least it didn't rain buckets.

I went swimming with Ruby on Saturday, as every week. She is now already very confident in the deep water, and I can see that she finally seems to have the hang of it - her movements in the water kind of look like they ought to be. Great considering she only started to learn in January... Those lessons are expensive enough anyway. I have to pay 10 weeks in advance which is £49 - and she has 1 lesson per week of 30 minutes, which is almost nothing considering...

Today the weather is much nicer, temperature is up to around 24 degree C, but it is rather breezy. It was lovely weather to walk Bonnie, but she gave me a right fright when she suddenly ran down the embankment onto the road - and it is a fast double laned road leading directly to the motorway. I kept practicing recall with her, and thanks goodness she listened when I called her back that time - gosh my heart went.

Tried to squeeze in lots of stitching time. I sat last night while Nafees watched his Asian channel, and today I watched 'Blackwater' (Australian movie) which I enjoyed. It's about 3 people being trapped in a sort of swamp (don't know the right word for it) and being stalked by a crocodile. Easy entertainment and good to stitch to! I will show my progess on the wedding sampler tomorrow.



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