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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Stephen King ' Dolores Claiborne '

After every 5 books or so I read, I sneak a Stephen King book into my reading rotation - as many of you know, I am a biiig Stephen King Fan and hope to visit 'his' state Maine one day!

This book is rather different in style and story. The story is told as a monologue by the main heroine, Dolores. Right in the first pages, she tells the police chief that she did not kill her employer, Vera, for whom she was a housekeeper, but she did kill her husband...and then the story unfolds and she tells us the story of her life. She is a very brave women.

If you look for blood and guts, you won't find any, but there is plenty of suspense, and as always, King paints his characters beautifully. He talks about domestic and sexual abuse in the way only he can describe it, and it doesn't ever get boring. I finished the book in 2 days. Some scenes from the book will stay with me, for example how Dolores tries to trick her bedbound employer Vera whom she has to literally clean the 'S&*t' she produces, and Vera seems to know how to trick Dolores so it always ends up in the freshly made bed. great stuff.



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