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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Johannes Mario Simmel 'Wir heissen euch hoffen '

I used to read almost all of Simmel's novels many years back in Germany. Now I've found 2 books in my stash, and had to re-read them.Simmel is an Austrian author, and his stories are mostly epic, you will find everything from love, politics, friendship. I believe he is Jewish, so the II. Worldwar and persecution of Jews usually plays a part in his books - interwoven in the story.

'Wir heissen euch hoffen' roughly translates into ' We give you hope' (?) sorry, can't do any better. it is the life story of the scientist Adrian Lindhout, starting from the time when he was a Jew in a bombed out cellar in Rotterdam during the war, and took on the identiy of his Arian friend in order to survive and in order to continue his science. His mission in life is to find a treatment for drug addiction - one which doesn't make addictive such as methadone. The story takes us to Vienna and later in his life into the States. Three women will play a significant part in his life - and there is always his quest to find the drug treatment. International drug baron's are not too happy about his quest and will try to hunt him down.

There are many twists and turns in the story, and Simmel has me usually hooked.


Neuhaus, Adrian said...
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Neuhaus, Adrian said...

Hello there!
I was looking for the original title of this book and found out your review. My name is Adrian because my father was reading this book by the time I was born and thought to be a nice name. I only knew the title in Portuguese. It has nothing to do with the original: "Viver é amar", which translates to 'To live is do love'. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to read it soon.

Anonymous said...

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