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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Val Hopkirk ' Relative Strangers '

A Family story, easy reading and not too challenging, with 'established' twists at the end.
The main players are the two brothers Andrew and Callum. Callum is married to his childhood sweetheart, they have a 15-year old daughter Gabriella. Andrew is also married and is young son suffers from leukaemia, he devotes himself to find a suitable donor for him. Whereas Callum is succcessful, Andrew has always been the black sheep of the family. And when Andrew finds himself excluded from their father's will, his anger sits deep. He then discovers that Gabriella, who is the main beneficiary of the will, is, infact, not Callum's biological daughter. Andrew will fight the will by all means, and the whole issue will put a right challenge to Callum's prev. happy marriage. And Callum's wife keeps insisting she did not have another man since marrying him, the daughter must be his, but the DNA tells a different story. So, where does it end? Can you figure it out yourself?



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