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Sunday, 22 July 2007

I went back to Curry's today, because one of the buttons of my laptop (the '8') had come off. Felt like crying when I saw it - don't know what happened, maybe one of the cats jumped on it. Anyway, they've fixed it for me right there and then, it's perfect again. And because Hobbycraft is next door's to Curry's , I had a good browse there as well. I was going to buy a Janlynn kit which I try to stitch for a good friend. Couldn't find it so I had to order it online with sewandso. I was itching to start right away - oh well. but I still had to get a cat picture 'Kats by Kelly' which was reduced to £2.99 (from £13.99). No idea which century I will stitch this, but the two cats look so much like Candy and Honey, I couldn't possibly resist.
And here is my fav. picture of Thomas. He is sitting on Dan's pool table.



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