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Friday, 29 June 2007

Stephen Leather ' The Bombmaker '

Andrea Hayes is a wife and mother of young Katie, but she has a past which her husband does not know about - she used to be an IRA bombmaker. But that's not all, she was really working for the government, trying to sabotage the IRA's work. Now the past has come back to hound her. Her young daughter gets abducted, and no, it's not money they want. Andrea is forced to build a huge bomb. Not to put the life of her daughter at risk, she has to do what they ask her, but knowns that they probably want let her live anyway. It is a face paced book, and I read it really quickly, it never gets boring. Despite the background, it does not make political statements but promises a good read. When it is revealed in the book who her abducters are and why they want to build the bomb, I first found it a bit unbelievable, but on second thought - bombs being set off for a lot less 'reason' that that!



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