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Saturday, 16 June 2007

An update on the cat picture - from about 2 weeks ago. Only black is a bit boring. I have been 'on call' this week, but it wasn't too busy. Submitted TMA04 on Wednesday - another one bites the dust. next tma is due on 11 July, but it looks like there is not too much reading to it. The next book is based on 'theories of criminal justice' , quite similar to the previous theory book. One of the TMA questions is on Restorative Justice, and I think I quite like the concept and will probably go with this one.
Finally got myself a good pair of goggles today (goggles as in - swimming), it really does make a big difference. Can see and swim under water now - yeah! Apart from that, we'll have to get Imran's bag ready, he is going on his big trip to Wales next week.



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