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Thursday, 5 April 2007

a short update on the kittens - they are getting out of their baskets now, and its just a delight to watch them, trying to walk with their tiny little legs, wobbling all over the place. Oh, it will be so so hart to let them go. already there are several different opinions in the family which one to keep, and Danial has even named on 'Thomas'. I'm torn between the little tabby one and a black/white one which seems really cheeky, always the first out of the basket.

I gave in to another one of my passions today and bought a book I wanted for ages:
As a big Stephen King fan, I knew I will buy it at some stage. Usually I wait for a book to come as paperback, it's much more convenient for me to carry around, and cheaper as well which helps of course. Saw this one on offer last week in WH Smith and foolishly didn't get it (they've changed their offer this week to a Jenny Colgan 'West End Girls' which I did buy as well ;-)). Anyway, went into Waterstones Charing Cross today, and there it was, Cell on offer. It's sitting on my fav armchair now, waiting for me to tuck in. My TBR pile is massive, and I've been thinking about putting it away to sort of 'savour the moment' but sod it, I'm gonna start tonight!



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