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Sunday, 8 April 2007

The 3rd plate of the pixel art is ready. It's a nice relaxation between reading those heavy articles on marxism etc, but it won't replace cross stitch for me ;-)). Here are plates 1,2 and 3 put together. it does look very realistic, but on the original (and I guess on the photo as well) you can see the dividing lines. I will have to stick the finished thing on sticky paper or similar.

The weather was gorgeous today, and for the first time this year I sat outside in the garden, soaking up the sun. Would love to read for pleasure, but have to restrict myself on articles from the course readers. Next week, it's on to left and right Realists, and this is also the topic for my TMA, next one is due in just about 2 weeks so I will have to get down to it from next week onwards.

I can't help it, here are more piccis of the kittens.... they are all over the place now, there seems to be no difference between Honey's and Candy's kittens (despite the age difference of 1 week), the hop and sleep in each other's baskets and even share mums. They are really fast and we try to keep the bedroom door closed. I guess we can introduce solids soon, but then there is the issue of the tray !



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