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Monday, 9 April 2007

Here is my progress on the Monet picture. There is actually real progress, and I can see an end. It is not so bad to stitch once I get down to it, but I still don't really enjoy it. The fabric is hard and needles bend, and evern so often I have to guess where to place the stitches (chart + pre-print don't go together), this just annoys me. This week, it's back on the pansies which I hopefully should finish, and then another picture can go into the rotation.
I went to a car boot sale today, took the boys along. Picked 4 books up for myself (that's the main reason I love boot sales) 3x Stephen King (Desperation, set of Backmann novels, Wizard and Glass) and Julie Gregory 'Sickened'. 2x Harry Potter for Ruby, the boys bought a Monopoly game for 50p, a Lava Lamp and a few videos.


Barbara said...

Also ehrlich, mich würde es fertigmachen, das sticken zu müssen... ;-) :-))), aber das Ergebnis wirkt toll.
LG, Barbara


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