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Friday, 13 April 2007

Finish Cross Stitch

I finished a WIP today!! The pansies tablerunner is done. I bought this a few years ago on holiday in Germany, when I forgot to take my cross stitch with me (how could I?) and quickly bought something in the local supermarket (No LNS where my mum lives...). I did about 2 of the flowers on holiday, and it quickly turned into a UFO - mainly because of the longstitch. Once I got it out again a few weeks ago it was finished quite quickly acutally. But I won't do anything in longstitch again if I can avoid it.

The good thing about a table runner is that it doesn't need framing, sewing or whatever - it is ready to be used straight away. Mind, I won't put it up in my house, not with 3 children (4 if you count DH), and the cats. It is probably going to be a gift for my mum (don't worry, she can't read this, she's got no Internet connection).

And this is the new project in my 3-weekly rotation: a medium sized cat project. I don't want to add anything to big into the rotation, as I've got Natures Home Afghan coming up! So, tonight, it's sorting threads and sewing the fabric borders. I find this part exciting, starting a new project. Don't we all!! Anyway, the chart calls for the black (the cat) to be stitched with 3 strands, probably to make the cat stand out more, but I don't think I'll do this, I don't like it too chunky. The fabric is 14ct Aida.



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