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Saturday, 14 April 2007

Andy McNab ' Crisis Four '

Finished the book yesterday. Ok - stereotype: this is a 'blokey' book. SAS, surveillance, secret service etc. The hero is Nick, ex-SAS and now working for the British secret service. He is send on a mission to find Sarah, another agent - of course their is a history between those two, private as well as being on a 'botched' mission together before. however, the book does not bother with a lot of 'lovely dovely' between those two, and it wouldn't suit the style. He finds Sarah, she appears to be involved with terrorists, or is she? The book is less or more current, with Osama getting his mentioning, thought the book clearly written before Sep11. The 'Finale' gets played out at the White House in Washington. There is a twist towards the end, which I didn't see coming, but in retrospect, probably should have seen. The author Andy McNab is ex-SAS as well, so there is detailed descriptions of surveillance,and other techniques of secret agents. Not my usual book, but it made good reading and was fast-paced.



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