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Sunday, 15 April 2007

another finish today: the pixel art giraffe. to be honest, i'm not that pleased with the result, mainly because the dividing lines are so visible, or is it just me? maybe it will look better once it is all sticked together and on the wall. I'm planning to decorate Ruby's room with lots of giraffe pictures, and this is the first addition. I need to paint it in the first place anyway, as it's still got those darn Winnie the Pooh stickers still on!

I so enjoyed the hot weather today, we had 26C, very unusual for mid April, I loved it. We went shopping, Nafees needed a new suit for his new job - he is going to start in 1 week. Couldn't go swimming today as I had to drop Nafees off at Kamran's and Ruby went to a birthday party, so it was Mum's taxi.

We started the kittens on food, and they are all over it. and, what goes in must come out... so I put a litter tray up in the bathroom. And I just cannot decide which one to keep. Danial is desperate for the one he calls Thomas (black with white), but I like to tabby one as we don't have a tabby cat any more since Rani has gone.



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