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Monday, 26 March 2007

I had to be strict with myself and got down to studying as soon as I came back from work, especially as I did not open a book over the weekend. Biological causes of crime. Sounds interesting, but is a lot of theories and research papers to go through !
This new Pixel Art kit is seriously addictive! I couldn't wait to get back on it after seriously cutting back on my night time sleep last night on this one. While it would never replace cross stitch (just the thought of it!), it is certainly something to do 'in between'.
This is how it looks like, all spread out on the table:
the first pixels added and how it looked today afternoon. Will keep you updated.

New week today, new rotation piece. This is how far I got on my last week's rotation - the table runner. Gosh, I hate the longstitch. However hard I try, I think it just always looks untidy. Is ok when looking from far away, but a close up, well, umh, just looks like it's been pulled about. I use a frame and everything, and maybe it's just me, but it just hasn't got the neatness of cross stitch. Only three more flowers to go, I guess I can get it done next rotation in three weeks (if I get to stitch in that week)



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