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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Stephen King ' The Dark Tower - The Drawing of the Three'

The second book in the 'Dark Tower' Series by Stephen King.

King fans are, it appears to be, clearly devided when it comes to the 'Dark Tower' series. They either love them (best of all the King's books), or hate them (Really can't get into them). I sort of joined the latter group, and had trouble getting into the first part. it is just a lot more fantasy than your usual King 'Small Town America' horror. So, I guess, if you are not into fantasy, you might not enjoy it as much as, lets say 'It'. Saying that, the supernatural plays a part in almost all of King's work, so it is certainly worth giving the 'Dark Tower' series a go, and certainly a must if you are a big King fan like me.

'The Drawing of the Three' continues with the story of Roland, the Last Gunslinger, introduced in the first of the series. He continues his journey across the 'Mid-World',  this fantasy world created by King, in his quest to reach the 'Dark Tower'. Here, he finds three doors which will lead him into modern day New York, and he will meet 3 people who will play an important part in his continous journey - the defiant Eddie Dean, the courageous, volatile Odetta Holmes and serial killer Jack Mort.It is this link to modern days which made this book much more interesting for me, und King's ability to draw with words is just, as always, outstanding - here weaving fantasy worlds with modern day gritty realism.

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