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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Joy Fielding 'Whispers and Lies'

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The nurse Terry Painter lives a quiet life in a small town in Florida. Since the death of her mother, she leads a quite life, so she decides to rent a garden flat in her house. The lively Alison moves in, and soon Terry and Alison become firm friends. However, slowly but surely, Terry starts to suspect that Alison is not  all she seems to be, and gets worried when she comes acress Alison's diary. A cat a'nd mouse game starts between the two, and Terry thinks she is slowly losing her mind. What are the reasons for Alison wanted to get close to Terry?

I enjoyed this book, and read it in the German translation. Apart from the silly translation of the book title 'Schlaf nicht, wenn es dunkel ist' which literally translates to 'Dont sleep when it's dark' (??), the book translation was good, and made it a page turner for me. The story was nicely put together, the plot moved along at a good pace, and was believable as was the ending. I will definitely put more of Joy Fielding in my To Be Read pile.



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