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Sunday, 17 October 2010

My birthday and Ally Pally

Ruby and me

Nafees and me

Just me, outside the restaurant

Dan and Imran
Where are the days / weeks / months going? Is it really already October? It was my birthday yesterday, and we went to a lovely Indian restaurant (Green Spice) just outside Dartford. It is always very croweded, and tables need to be booked, and I always struggle to find parking there despite the fact that it is in the countryside. I looooved the meal, and no, there was no counting of WW points on that evening.

The next day Jo and me went to the Knitting and Stitching Exibition at Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace, London). This exibition is not mainly cross stitch, but all kind of fibre arts really. It is a very big place and exibitions, so many stalls. Unfort. there were only about 20 or so stalls with cross stitch, and while I still look around at the other stalls, of course they don't hold that much interest for me. We found one stall which was selling HEAD kits and charts, and Jo bought herself a HEAD chart (Marta Dahling 'Lust'). They didn't really had any charts I wanted, and I wouldn't buy the kits. But a few days earlier I got myself for my birthday one of the soooo cute Lesley Anne Ivory charts from HEAD (Libra Clea and Lily). They are from a series of 'Astrology cats' and I absolutely adore them. I intend to get all the cat charts and will eventually do them by the time I've reached 150 LOL. Seriously, they are so cute, I just love realistic cat designs. I'm not quite sure on what size fabric I should stitch the cats, and I bought samples of 20 ct, 22 ct and 25 ct evenweave. HEAD recommends stitching on 25 ct, but some some with 2 threads it appears to bulky, and with 1 thread it is not fully covered, so I will try it out and see what suits me best.



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