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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fungi Walk at Shorne Wood

I have always be fascinated by Fungi (mushrooms/toadstoals whatever you want to call them, it's really the same thing!). It probably stems a lot from childhood memory. My grandfather Herman was a local mushroom expert, and I have a lot of memories of going on forays with him. Once I was a teenager, of course it became less cool.. and unfortunately he died when I was 15. Now I sooo wish I would have asked him more on his knowledge of fungi, or if I could have a few more chats with him! The other side is that I like being outdoors in the woods (again, probably coming from my childhood memories), and I love autumn. For the past few years, I have resurrected my interests in fungi. My mum still goes collecting every autumn for eating (just for her personal use). I do take some for eating (only the very limited ones I know for sure of course), but mainly I am interested in identifying and just enjoying them the way they are.

So, yesterday I had booked into a 'Fungi Walk at Shorne Wood with a local Fungi expert. It was very interesting, but I've realised that I will need a lot more guidance before I feel myself able to identify fungi - it's such a vast world! I will definitely go again on those walks, maybe at other locations. Shame it can only really be done in autumn, but maybe that's also the pleasure of it.


Anonymous said...

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Leigh Russell said...

Interesting post. A mushroom is more than just a mushroom, it seems!


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